TEXT: LUKE 5:1-7
AIM: The aim of this sermon is for us “Christians”, to test ourselves if our faith and hope is still in God, just as that of Simon because of different frustrations in life.

Frustration: Is the fact that something is preventing somebody fromsucceeding or sometimes is like your expectation is being cut off.

JOY: Is a stage in life that you have success in everything you do without frustration, you feel satisfied and happy about it.
Who was Simon? According to Luke 5:1-7, Simon was a fisherman. In my own view Simon was not just a fisherman but a professional in fishing. As a professional fisherman, he was still facing frustration in his fishing career.

Let’s see people who faced frustration then at the end they had joy.
1. Jacob faced frustration from the hands of his uncle, Laban, Gen. 29:21-35. But he did not for once disobey God, he was steadfast to the end and was overwhelmed with joy at the end – Gen. 30:1-43
2. The MAN at the pool of Bethesda – John 5:1-9, this man was with infirmity for thirty eight years, he was frustrated because he had nobody to put him in the water but when Jesus came to him, his frustration turned to joy.

3. AWomen with an issue of blood – This woman suffered of this disease for twenty good years – Matt. 9:20-22
She suffered so many things from many physicians and had spent all that she had in life jet nothing good came out, but rather grew worse. She was frustrated but when she heard that Jesus was coming to pass, she let Jesus into her boat by touching his garment, immediately, her frustration turned to joy – Mark 5:26.

4. Obed-edom: Him and his household were blessed by God because of the ark of the Lord that was taken to his house by King David and his frustration was turned to joy – II Sam. 6:10-11
5. JOB: He was frustrated in his life for he lost everything he had – Job 1:1-8
1. Oxen
2. Sheep
3. Camels
4. His sons and daughters
God turned things around for Job, all the frustrations in his life became a joyful thing at the later end because Job did not let God out of his boat – Job 42:1-17

What is your frustration in life as a child of God.
1. Is it childlessness? Are you hundred years old like Abraham or ninety years old like Sarah – Gen. 17:17
God blessed Abraham and Sarah with a son because Abraham did not let God out of his boat of childlessness – Gen. 21:1-6
2. Is it in your Academic endeavor?
3. Is it has a cause of sickness?
Matt. 9:20-21, John 5:1-9

4. Is it in your business?
Gen. 29:21-35, Gen. 30:1-43

I know you may say I am not a fisherman how will Jesus then come into my boat, my brothers and sisters, these four thins mentioned here may be your boat, so if you let Jesus into it your frustration will turn to joy.

John 16:33
Rom. 8:37-39

May God bless us as we let Jesus into our boat so that our frustration will turn to joy in Jesus Name – Amen