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TEXT: TITUS 2:1-12


Of recent, we have been talking about the impacts of unsound doctrine on Christians. This portrays

negative impacts. This month the church feels we should not be talking of negative impacts but

positive. An impact simply means effect or influence something has on some other thing. It could be

an object or a person. In this case, it means, the effects Sound Doctrine should have on a Christian or



Aim/Objective:It is to make us be hearers and doers of the words (Sound Doctrine); and the

beauty of Jesus be seen in us (Matt. 7: 24 – 25)


Discourse: In 20 Paul Bassey Church, we have been taught Sound Doctrine and we want to assess

the effects of this sound doctrine on us. We are not going to discuss sound doctrine this month but

effects of what we have been learning, on us since we became Christians.

In this examination, we are supposed to examine ourselves while others especially the outsiders

examine us too (2 Cor. 13: 5 – 6).

Before we can pass that self-examination, we must first be taught and the text of our discussion is

derived from Titus 2:1-12. Christ while on earth taught in Matt. 5:13-15 that we are the salt of the

earth. Meaning that we should be tasteful not bitter; and also the light of the world and not darkness.

You cannot become the salt of the earth and the light of the world if you do not sit down and be

taught the word of God. Christ before His ascension, commanded the disciples to go and make

disciples unto Him and thereafter teach them to observe those things he had already taught them

(Matt. 28:19). After the establishment of the church, the disciples continued Steadfastly in

Apostles’ Doctrine (Acts 2:42). The church at Antioch studied with Barnabas and Paul for a whole

year and were first called Christians in Antioch (Acts 11:26). They were called Christians because

their conduct was a reflection of the sound doctrine they received, which made them behave like

Christ. Paul in 2Tim. 4:1, charged Timothy to preach (teach) at all times, Paul also commanded him

(Timothy) to teach faithful members who would in turn teach others (2 Tim. 2:2).


In Titus 2:1-12, Paul instructed Titus to teach sound doctrine to aged men, aged women who would

in turn teach young women, young men and servants.


This church has prepared classes to cover all the above mentioned categories, but the question is

how many of them are willing to receive this sound doctrine. Some of them are ‘Sunday Sunday’



  • Aged Men: Do we have aged men here. If yes, are they willing to attend Bible classes? How will they be able to conduct themselves as men full of wisdom when they have refused to learn?We select elders from this group of men to occupy the office of the elders.This accounts for why many of them always refuse to apply when the opportunity is created


  • Aged Women: Do we have the aged women here? Are they willing to learn. Do they normally attend general Bible classes and women class?


  • Young Women: We have many here. Are they ready to submit themselves to learn at the feet of the aged women, the Minister, the Elders and the teachers? What excuses do they have for not attending Bible classes organized by this congregation? Some try but majority do not. Those who study and impacted always have letters of commendations from the congregation they worship during their N.Y.S.C engagements.


  • Young Men: Who are the young men here? We can see a lot of them here filling the upper floors and some part of the ground floor. Can we find them on week days during Bible studies? How can you be a member of this congregation and you cannot pray. You cannot teach even new converts. And sending such to teach the young ones is disservices to the children. They are of no use to their home congregations.


  • Servants: We have some Christians here who serve their masters and the maids who serve their mistresses. Do they have the opportunity to be taught the word of God. The attendance of Bible studies by this category of Christians is for the interest of the servants and the masters.And


  • The children: To be taught mainly by the parents.



Having seen the importance of studying the word of God, let us now examine the impacts these

teachings should have on Christians.


Having seen the importance of studying the word of God, let us now examine the impacts these

teachings should have on us as per our text in Titus 2: 1 – 12 “But speak thou the things which

become sound doctrine…”:


  1. That the aged men be:
  • Sober – vigilant; refrain from anything that is harmful. (full of respect)
  • Grave – very serious and important. It should not be mistaken for gloominess
  • Temperate: not given to excess in everything.
  • Sound in faith: Unwavering faith, faith that stands firm in the face of challenges.
  • Sound in Charity: Charity without hypocrisy (1 Cor. 13: 1 – 7 ; James 1: 27)
  • Sound in patience: should be able to tolerate and accommodate others.



  1. That the aged women likewise, that they be in behavior as becometh:
  • They must be a role model for a young women and highly revered
  • Not false accusers; must not be a trouble maker.
  • Not given to much wine and doing things which are not holy is dangerous
  • Teachers of good things. Both actual teaching and behavior
  • Having been a role model, they are then qualified to teach the younger women how to conduct themselves with dignity.


  1. Younger women: Paul list 7 things the older women must teach the younger sisters:
  • They must teach them to love their husbands
  • They must teach them to love their children
  • They must teach them to exercise self-control in order to conduct themselves with dignity.
  • They must teach them to live a pure and holy life
  • To be keepers of their houses in caring for their husbands, children (1 Tim. 5: 14), maids and servants
  • Must concentrate on having a good character (1 Pet. 3: 1 – 6). This brings us to the issue of a third party in the nucleus family. Who is a third party? It is a person other than the two main people concerned in an agreement. Are parents in law in the true sense a third party in their children’s matrimonial homes? I think they are not. They have the right to know what is happening in their children’s homes. Let us examine these two words – interference and intervention.

Interference – The act of entering into or taking part in a matter which does not concern one and

in which one is not wanted.

Intervention – An act of interrupting especially in order to prevent a bad result.

Sometimes one interferes or intervenes when he or she is not actually invited for the good of those

concerned. Therefore parents inlaw can interfere (not unnecessarily) and can also intervene. A good

neighbour can interfere. The church can interfere or intervene.


  • They must teach them to be submissive to their husbands in other to present a domestic environment in which children can be nurtured (Eph. 5: 22, 23; Col. 3: 18)
  • The aged women must teach the younger women (those married) to love their parents inlaw and the relations of their husbands. Same to prospective wives. If you don’t love them especially your mother’s inlaw, you may not derive true love from your husbands. No husband will like to see his mother ill-treated or ignored by his wife. No mother inlaw is very bad. And even if she is, it is your responsibility to change her. How? Regular phone calls, surprise visits, and if she worships here, warm greetings to her every time we meet here. Her attitude towards you will change. Do same to some of your brothers and sisters inlaw. They in turn will change their attitude towards you. Do not think that you will have peace in your matrimonial home if you hate your inlaws. Be like Ruth (Ruth 1: ….)


If the young women observe all of the above, they will exalt the word of God in the community when

people see the effects of this on them as Christians. The people will glorify God. But if they behave on

the contrary, the name of God will be blasphemed. Paul’s instruction is not for the married alone, but

unmarried as well.


  1. Young men
  • Young men likewise exhort to be sober minded. (must be mindful of anything they do and the effect).
  • In all things, showing thyself a pattern of good works. He must be a good example in whatever thing he does.
  • He must be able to preach sound doctrine. Not adulterated one. He must be versed with the scriptures. He must preach same to others – evangelism. He must not hide his identity as a member of the Church of Christ anywhere he goes. These are some of the people who sit up there so that they may not be asked to pray or given any assignment.
  • They must be grave. Very serious in dealing with anything they do.
  • Sincerity – always truthful; trustworthy


  • Truthful to himself
  • Truthful to the wife
  • Love the wife (Eph. 5:25) and honour her (1 Pet. 3:7); endure her in any area she is wanting and with time she will correct. If it is cooking, teach her how to cook if you know. Some men cook well. If she cannot cook some dishes well and you cannot teach her, do not crucify her; bring in someone to coach her for a few days and all will be well. If she has deficiencies in some other areas, do not contemplate on sending her back to her mother to learn manner. But if you still insist, you must understand this, that she is going to school and you will provide all the necessary materials for the training. It may involve moving the entire family down there including you. How? (shouting you down; not keeping the house tidy; beating maids, she is lazy.
  • He must provide for the family (1 Tim. 5:8). Owing to the present economic situation in the country, anything you can do for survival, please do; not thurgery, not kidnapping.
  • Do not join cult groups. I am told some young men (youth) in the Churches of Christ including 20 Paul Bassey had joined cult groups and are still maintaining their membership.
  • If you are ready to marry, get married and don’t exploit the young ladies in the name of ‘I want to marry you’. Do not insist that the girl must be pregnant first before marriage. This action is fornication and the Church frowns at this.
  1. Servants

(i)      Exhort servants to be obedient unto their own masters

(ii)     Please them well in all things

(iii)    Not answering again (Don’t argue or answer him twice)

(iv)    Do not purloin (to steal something of small value)

The problem of youths even the servants and the apprentices is quest for quick money. This does not

augur well for them, the family, the church and the society at large.


(6)     Children

Parents are instructed to teach their children the way they should go, that when they grow up, they

will not depart (Prov. 22: 6; Eph. 6: 4). If you do not teach them, how can they obey you (Eph. 6:1).

Some parents are not interested in training these young ones. They leave it to the teachers who are

not doing that again because of Government policy. The church is trying, but the whole thing rests on

the parents.

We have received complaints of missing money in the children class, stealing of phones. How did it

start? These children are those who have been stealing their parents’ money unnoticed by parents, or

the parents have been overlooking because the money stolen is not much. They are those who steal

their fellow pupils’ pens and pencils at schools. Now they have graduated into stealing money and

phones in the church. The truth is that some of us are breeding and training potential armed

robbers, pen robbers. Since the parents always condone the behaviour of these children, church will

not. The church may reinstate corporal punishment in the church for this category of people. Any

child got stealing pilfering, may be caned publicly after identifying the parents, guardians, if the

eldership may wish so.


Having received sound doctrine, let us put this into practice and the beauty of Jesus will be seen in

us, and the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ will have a good standing in the society.

May God bless us.

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