TEXT: LUKE 12:13-21


In the text we learn of a man who had been abundantly blessed by God. In the eyes of the people round about him, he was highly respected and honoured and considered wise. But God addressed him as a fool.
In the lesson we will notice some reason why the rich man was foolish.

I. He Forgot Others:

He thought only of himself.
(a)  He debates with himself show his interest only in self. Notice the personal pronouns used. Vs 19.
(b) God teaches us to love others and that we have the duty to help them when we can Matt. 22:39; Gal. 6:2, 10.
(c)  The judgment day will find many lost because they forgot to help others.

II. He Forgot Real Joy:

His motto was eat, drink and be merry.

  • The rich man thought he could really be happy by eating, drinking and making merriment.Vs 19,1:1-2.
  • Solomon tells us of his search for happiness.2:3-12
  • Money can buy much, but money cannot buy real joy, for the real joy lies in having and doing the will of God. John 13:1
  • The eunuch found real happiness when he heard the gospel and obeyed. Acts 8:39.

III.He Forgot His Soul:

He had his mindset only on material things.

  • The rich man thought of life only in terms of material things. 16:26, Mark 10:24.
  • Many have forgotten their soul in their pursuit of riches. I Tim. 6:17-19.
  • The Bible warns of the danger of riches. 23:4; I Tim. 6:9-10

IV. He Forgot God:

He left God out of his plans

    • The greatest blunder of the rich man was that he did not take God into account. James4:13-16
    • The Bible teaches us to put the kingdom of God first and to love God above all others. 6:33;23:37
    • What ever our long termed plan may be, let us remember that the biggest the factor of all is God. If we leave him out of our plans, they are sure to end ruin. 10:37

   V. He Forgot Death:

He thought he had long time to live.
(a)     He made his plans for “many years”, yet he had only one day left. James 4:13.

(b)     We often forgot death and act as if we think we will live forever, also forget that God is the determiner of our time. Acts 17:26.

(c)     We are forever putting off until tomorrow, yet we do not know whether there will be a tomorrow. Psa. 9:10-

(d)     Death and judgment are sure and certain; life is brief and fleeding, and we need to be making our preparations to meet GOD NOW, TODAY. Amos 4:12.

May  the Lord help us not to be like the foolish Rich Man in Jesus Name Amen.

Thank you.   

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