It is our earnest hope that,  We as Christians shall decide for ourselves at the end of this  sermon if we are to continue with our old lifestyles  after  listening to  how a bird(hen) can plan for its future and that of the kids. This sermon will centre on NATURAL Hen not agric., I therefore pity our youths!!!

We shall consider   important lessons we can learn from the hen as we progress in life here on earth.

We shall also look at some bad attitude of the hen in which some Christians have imitated and compare if it was good with the hen.


  • It will enable us gather those unfaithful attributes of Christians back to God.
  • It will re-awaken parents-children relationship.
  • It will reawaken Christian-Christian relationship
  • It will help us focus on our lives on earth.


What is Hen?

Hen is a female Chicken.

While Chicken is a general name for birds of this group (with Feather).

It is generally kept for meat, eggs for consumption or for money making.



Vision is the ability to plan the future with imagination involved.

It’s also the mental picture of how tomorrow will look like.


  1. Foresight
  2. Insight
  3. Hindsight
  4. Without vision, my people perish. Prov. 29:18. ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish, but he that keeps the law, happy is he’.

Before the hen begins to lay eggs, as part of her vision/good planning, she will first of all plan  the location to lay the eggs. You’ll see how the hen will move around a particular place repeatedly and preparing the location to lay the eggs. During this period, she carries three things in her mind.

  1. The safety of the eggs: such that human traffic is considered restricted.

  1. Protecting of the eggs from snake

  1. Provision of heat to the eggs
  2. This is the vision an animal will have in order to plan for her proposed family.
  3. But most Christians parents today will lack a clear call vision of how to bring up their family, the type of relation they should expose their children to at a very early stage of their lives such that it form part of their lifestyles.
  5. Period of incubation

When she starts sitting on her eggs, she minimizes movement: She will rarely go out to eat nor meet with other Hens. This is to enable her secure the eggs from external aggression which may constitute a threat to her eggs and also provide heat to the eggs.

During this period, she will deny herself of food, relationship and sacrifice for her eggs and she will physically lose weight. But Christian parents now a days

  1. Stay in their business places day and night even when he/she has nothing to do.
  2. After work go to colleagues house or beer parlour to gossip till midnight before going home. By doing this, they pay little or no attention to their kids and this exposes the children to great dangers.

A hen can’t sit on eggs from another hen. She will mind her business caring for her eggs alone. If any human or other hens tend to go near where the eggs are, she will display her ability to challenge the intruder in order to secure the eggs/Chicks.

What happen to today’s  Christian parents?  Most Christian parents today will go from house to house damaging the image of others’ children. For pregnant mothers,  do you  know that the baby  in your womb though unborn, learn from your characters. Luke 1:41, 44.


No one can touch her chick: Gal.6:1-2

A hen which hatched between 5 to 10 chicks wants to protect all the chicks by herself. By doing this, when an enemy comes (Hawk) she cannot help all of the chicks at the same time and the enemy will then have to go with the one with less or no protection from the mother hen.


Even when the mother hen calls for help from others, none will come because she always claims  she has the capability to protect her chicks.


Christian parents today will never accept the attitude of their children to be observed by fellow Christians nor close friends.

if you dare inform them of your observation, they will curse everything in this world to kill you for exposing their children to the world.


Some Christians would ask, is it the only sin that will stop man from going to heaven? What a world?

Let it be known to us that it is only one sin that will stop us from going to heaven. REV. 2:14, 20

Just like what happened to mother Hen, if your child is seen in a fault, a Christian brother/sister will simply walk away knowing  quite well that if such a thing is brought to your attention, you will take side with your child and put such a Christian in shame.

MENTORING: She doesn’t abandon her chicks before they mature:

The hen will continue to care and protect her chicks until there are all mature enough to feed/care for themselves against the enemies. The mother will scavenge the ground for the chicks and watch them feed while at the same time watching out for enemies.

But today’s Christian parents allow their kids to fend for the family. At a tender age of four, some kids are on the street selling pure water, minerals, garden eggs, bread/groundnut, Foofoo, etc.

while the parents sit at home waiting for their return as source of livelihood for the family, this in turn will expose these children to early social vices in the society such as.



  1. Cultism
  2. Drug abuse (Marijuana, cocaine, tramadol)
  3. Prostitution (commercial and private)
  4. Armed robbery
  5. Internet fraud(yahoo – yahoo, begging in facebook)
  6. Indecent dressing(haircut, nail painting, makeup, necklet, short dresses, open front/back dresses)
  7. Gossiping (Office, Market, Church, home, society)
  8. Un-united marriage life (fighting, quarrelling, no corporation)
  9. Alcoholism(beer, brew, otonto, kai – kai)



From a book: The life and work of a Nigerian Missionary Moses Akpanudo by Rebecca Philips.

Chapter 3 page 11, 12 and 13.

Summary: ‘the task of getting water for the family was followed by sweeping the house, searching for mushrooms, going to farm, gathering firewood, , search for snail for and build traps to catch small animals for soup making.’

Pg. 12: ‘one day as Moses went  to farm with his mother, he saw a younger boy walking by, Moses knew this boy was heading to school so he began to wonder why he couldn’t go to school like this boy…..

But after a week or so, Moses began to show resistance to going to the farm while his little friends went opposite direction to school….. He protested to his mother and his mother took it kindly and decided to send him to school at the age of six.’



Today Moses is a professor. Was his mother not able to feed the family, cloth them, provide for their health, pay his school fees, buy his books when Moses went to school?



Who actually took charge of those activities that was done by Moses when he was no more at home.

Brethren, God will always provide a helper for his children at all times. Let us take it easy…


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