What does it mean to be Frail?

  • very weak
  • having less than a normal amount of strength or force
  • Fragile
  • easily damaged or destroyed
  • easily led into evil

The Nature of Frailty of Man

Everybody by nature has some elements of frailty but the nature and degree of frailty of each person may vary with time and circumstance


Man’s frailty may be shown in:

  • The way he speaks
  • his level of commitment to a course of action
  • the way he takes decisions and make choices
  • his problem solving approach
  • his ability to show self-control
  • control of emotion (of love, sex, anger)
  • control of lust (greed for wealth, etc)

The Bible shows cases of renowned people who exhibited elements of frailty in their lives:

  • Samson with Delilah (Judges 16:4, 6 verse 16 – 21)
  • Solomon with strange women (1Kings 11:1)
  • David with the wife of Uriah Hittite (2 Sam. 11:3, 12:10)

For how long shall we allow our frail nature to push us into evil?

For how long shall we forget to learn at least a lesson from the experiences of Sampson, Solomon and David?

Having committed grievous sins against God, David saw that he was frail. He became confounded as to how many days remained for him to live on Earth. So he repented of his iniquities and prayed to God thus:

‘Lord, let me know mine end, and the measure of my days, what it is; that I may know how frail I am’ (Ps. 39: 4)

A similar prayer is said in Ps. 90: 12, which says:

‘So, teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

Nobody can number the days left for him or her to live on earth. Certainly NONE!

If it were possible, many would choose to mark time in their iniquities getting prepared to repent only on the eve of their exit from the planet earth. Such would make non-sense of the whole essence of life that God had ordained for man on earth.

It therefore behooves everyone to redress his steps and repent of his iniquities now because God, in His infinite wisdom and power, is the only one who knows the number of days left for each person to leave on earth.

God may decide to take your life anytime, any moment. So if you have not yet repented of your iniquities, the time is NOW. And if you have not yet been baptized into Christ, the time is NOW.

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