TEXT: Matt. 7:12, Luke 6:31

Living simply is having life, being active and functioning as humans. If you are
aliveand living today, this message is to help you become active and functional
inexhibiting the tenets of Jesus Christ and bringing to life the examples of the


The principle of the Golden Rule implies regarding others as ourselves. What we

would want someone do to us. Lots of people in our world today have become naive

and self centered in many ways. Most people want to be treated specially while

themselves are looking down and despising others. This is not fair. Jesus while on

earth, took time to teach His disciples and audiences on God’s love as an identity of

man’s salvation.


During His discourse at the Mount, Jesus brought to the notice of His audience that

people are fond of reciprocating things. As it is today, we will want to give help to

someone who can also return same when we are in need of it. Jesus therefore pointed

out critical aspect of life to His audience by saying, ‘So then, whatever you desire that

others would do to and for you, even so do also to and for them, for this is (sums up)

the Law and the Prophets (Matthew 7:12). As a matter of fact, the Old Testament

emphasizes doing the right things to people at all times. Nobody was\is able to keep

the 10 commandments – (James 2:10-11). The 10 commandments which was handed

to the children of Israel by God through Moses is today summed up by God through

Jesus Christ into one Law of Love but in two folds; that is the Love of God and  of

your neighbour or anyone as yourself (Mark 12:28-32; Romans 13:9-10). At that

time, people were told by Jesus that, they are not far from the Kingdom of God.

Thanks be to our God who has made us children of His Kingdom today. It will be a

misplacement of identity for Christians to disregard Instructions of Jesus.

  • How would you like someone to treat you? Do you yourself treat someone in like manner? Please know that Jesus treated you with love while you were still a sinner.
  • How would you feel when someone encourages or supports you? What do you think somebody would feel if you do same to him or her.

Many a times, we have witnessed how people are mistreated by others with

impunity. They feel their inhuman actions are normal. The truth is that such people

would not allow anybody do such things to them. We have seen this happen in our

society and in the Church.


Cases like: Back biting/gossip, conspiracy, false accusation, insult, assault, abuse,

prejudgment, murder and others are what l personally call stumbling blocks to

Christians’ Spiritual growth. Nobody would like to be back bitted, conspired against,

falsely accused, assaulted or abused. Nobody would like to be set up by his or her

own person (Galatians 5:13-14). How do we feel when we witness these things? Do

we take sides? or rebuke them? However, these things have been happening every

now and then in our families and in different congratulations. If we allow ourselves

into these, James wants us to know that, we have become lawbreakers (James 2:8-9).

Again, James the brother of Jesus wants us to know that God does not tempt with

evil (James 1:13-21). It is our evil desires that lead us to pull ourselves down.

Originally, this is not right for us.


  • Recognise that God is God
  • Recognise that you’re just human
  • Pray for Grace and wisdom
  • Accept people as they are
  • Show empathy and sympathy
  • Know it could be you
  • Correct wrongs with humility
  • Speak the TRUTH in Love
  • questions for clarification
  • Avoid prejudices or prejudgments
  • Do not retaliate or pay back evil for evil
  • Move on if you are not treated as you should
  • Discuss issues and humans
  • Conduct daily self-examinations properly before bedtime.

In conclusion, Christians MUST stop the Push Him Down Syndrome (PhD) attitude

now. We MUST empty ourselves from all forms of worldliness. With humility, we

MUST see that other people are better than us. As you encourage someone today,

you shall surely be encouraged tomorrow. The Bible admonishes us that we will be

treated as we treat others. I believe that the Almighty God will instill in us His Word

to make us better children of His kingdom here on earth in Jesus Name, Amen

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