TEXT:       ACTS 5:42

AIM: The sermon is aimed at rekindling the spirit of evangelism among individual members in order that the blessings received by them may be extended to those outside the Lord’s Church.


Right from the time when the Apostles were empowered to continue the work of evangelizing the whole world, they were always successful because Christ the Saviour had promised to be with them until He comes again (Matt. 28:20).  With the divine presence of the Saviour, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.

The opposition by the Jews had been foretold by Christ (Matt. 10:17) as such they were fully armed for the spiritual work delegated to them.  It is therefore necessary for us who are willing to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to be aware of those hindrances ahead in order to surmount them.  The successful finishing of converting the lost to serve Christ will bring abundant praises from Christ.

BODY:      As recorded in Acts 4,  the Apostles experienced the first persecution, this prompted the Church to pray for spiritual reinforcement and God’s intervention, so we see in chapter 4:23-31 that the early Church prayed for power to preach and confirm the gospel.  Being strengthened, the Church through the Apostles healed many (Acts 5:12-16).

Re-arrested, God sent His deliverance through an angel (Acts 5:19-20).  Freed, the gospel work went unhindered in obedience to God (Acts 5:29).

Today’s Christians must see to it that Jesus is taught and preached in their time no matter the hindrances.  God started the gospel preaching when He preached to faithful Abraham (Gen. 12:1-3).  Now we have become beneficiaries of Abraham’s blessing, is it not expedient that the blessing we received be passed on to others who have not yet received it by taking the great commission seriously?

Let us cross check those things that Abraham saw that helped strengthened his faith in the Messiah. (John 8:56).

  1. The plan of God in sending the Messiah (Jesus Christ) for God’s people (Israel) to redeem them (Gen.12:1-3, 17:1-22).
  2. He saw the plan of God in the Messiah being sent through his natural seed (Rom. 4:13-22, 9:4-7, Gal. 3:16). Abraham rejoiced by faith (Rom. 4).
  3. He saw the Lord Jesus Christ visible as confirmed by Jesus Christ Himself (Gen. 18:1-8; John 8:56).

In the present Christian age, Jehovah is presenting unto us much more substantive evidences to the facts that Jesus is the Christ the seed of Abraham.

  1. The witness of the Father in Heaven (Matt. 3:17; John 8:17-18).
  2. Witness of the Son of God (John 8:17-18).
  3. Witness of the Holy Spirit (John 15:26).
  4. Witness of the Written Word (John 45:5, 46; Deut. 18:15-18).
  5. Divine works(John 10:25, 14:11).
  6. Witness of John the Baptist (John 1:29).
  7. Disciples (John 15:27, 19:35, 21:24, Luke 24:48).

Those who have not yet been baptized into the Church of Christ, be convinced by the above witnesses that Jesus Christ is the Saviour, repent of your sins, confess Christ before many witnesses and be baptized for the Abraham blessings to become yours by faith in Jesus the seed of Abraham.


Brethren, let us through sincere prayers unto God for the Salvation of mankind, the love for the souls of men, together with the love for truth be up and doing, reaching out to those outside the Church with the cheering news that Jesus is the Christ and can still save those who believe in Him, Amen.

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