It is always good to be confident in whatever one does in life. Self-confidence is an important element of success. Knowing your strengths and relying upon them, having the self-possession to express your point of view and standing by it are admirable and necessary. Great Scholars, Entrepreneurs and leaders have relied on self-confidence to achieve their respective feats. It is possible to have too much of everything. An excess of confidence can breed insensitivity, inflexibility and dogmatism.

However, in this Christian race, relying on self proves to be the highway to spiritual calamity. Trusting in one’s power and abilities to do God’s work will assuredly give birth to catastrophe. As Christians, we often lean upon railings that are not firm and unaware of our own vulnerabilities. There are many good reasons to be confident as we are living by faith in Christ.

Discourse:  Mark 14:28-72

Apostle Peter is classic example of a man who underestimated his vulnerability. When Christ told his disciples that when he would be arrested, all his disciples would desert him but Peter declared ‟…Although all shall be offended yet will not I” (Vs 29)

  • Jesus said unto Peter, ‟… Even in this night before the cock crow twice, thou shall deny me thrice” (Vs 30)
  • Jesus told his disciples ‟ tarry ye here and watch” (Vs 34)
  • Christ said unto Peter, ‟ …Simon, sleepest thou? coudest not thou  watch one hour?” (Vs 36)
  • ‟Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation” (Vs 38)
  • Peter denied Christ before one of the maids of the High Priest (Vs 66-68)
  • Peter denied knowing or walking with Christ the second time (Vs 70)
  • And Peter denied Christ the third time ( Vs 72)
  • The cock crew and he recollected what Christ told him and he wept bitterly.
  • The supposed ‟Strength” he had fell off and his weakness was obvious.

Peter’s Downfall

  • He boasted much about himself, having no consideration for other disciples. He said if other disciples denied Christ, he would not.  He forgot as a man he was prone to fall (I Cor 10:12)
  • He thought he was above temptations.
  • Self-confidence failed him.

Are You Peter Today?

  • I will never leave the Church of Christ,” says the young person raised by godly parents.
  • I will marry in the Lord,” says a young sister.
  • I will never steal or cheat,” says someone who is comfortably paid.
  • I will never commit fornication or adultery.
  • I have not been disfellowshipped so ‟ I am standing firm”; when you don’t take heed? (I Cor 10:12)
  • I will never shame my Lord; when you are unable to control yourself?

We are not different from Peter. We must draw our strength from God who has the power over our weaknesses (2Cor 12:9) and say ‟ I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” (Phil 4:13).

Dangers of Self-confidence

  • It introduces prayerlessness. What is the essence of praying when things are relatively going smooth?
  • It breeds laziness. What is the need of Bible studies or devotions?
  • Vulnerability to sins. Eph 6:11 says ‟ Put on the whole armour of God…”
  • It will eventually lead to a fall.


From today, cultivate your strength with humility in God. Disappointments and shame are sisters of self-confidence. ‟Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not unto thine own understanding.” (Prov 3:5)

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Sermon Presented By Bro. Otobong Akpan

  Date: 20th May, 2018

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