The ‘CAN’ in my message does not refer to the acronym of CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA which we have nothing to do with. It means to be able to do something;

  • The spirit of ‘I can do’, ‘you can do’, and ‘we can do ‘
  • The spirit of courage, determination and hopefulness

When the ‘spirit of CAN’ is lacking in our endeavours, we tend to end up in frustration and disappointment. When we have that spirit, we press on to higher grounds, create impacts, record successes and leave remarkable impressions.

I am inspired to support my message with the story of Caleb and Joshua in the Bible (Num. Ch 13 and 14) who demonstrated the ‘spirit of CAN’ when Moses sent out twelve Hebrew leaders to spy the land of Canaan as God commanded (Num. Ch. 13 and 14).

The twelve went as commanded and came back with reports.

  • Ten of them gave evil and discouraging reports ( 12:32-33).
  • But Caleb and Joshua gave encouraging reports ( 13: 30; 14: 6 – 9)
  • They demonstrated a different spirit – the ‘spirit of CAN’.
  • God was pleased with them.
  • Out of the Hebrews who left Egypt with Moses, Caleb and Joshua were the only two who entered the Promised Land ( 14:24, 30).

Today, I can proudly assert that, Uyo Town Church f Christ, 20 Paul Bassey Street, has demonstrated the ‘CAN spirit’ significantly in three key areas of endeavours in the past nine years namely:

  • The institution of the eldership to oversee the affairs of the Church – 2009
  • The erection of the magnificent worship hall that we now occupy – January 2012 to February 2013 (within a period of 14 months).
  • The building of an aesthetic four-bedroom bungalow for her retiring preacher within ten months – 2017.

In this regard, I can surely say that, amidst all odds, Uyo Town Church has exemplified the ‘CAN spirit’ that was in Caleb and Joshua of the Bible.

But what is the way forward in the new year?

–          Shall we continue with the ‘CAN spirit’?

–          How do we hope to show the ‘spirit of CAN’ in our personal endeavours?

–          How do we hope to demonstrate the ‘Spirit of CAN’ in our service to humanity?

–          How do we plan to exercise the ‘spirit of CAN’ in our service to God?

Remember, Paul says in Phil. 4:13‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’.

My New Year message, therefore, is:

Keep faith with Christ and he will surely strengthen you to demonstrate the spirit of ‘I CAN DO’ in all your endeavours throughout the year.

To those of you who are not yet baptized into the Church, this is the time that ‘YOU CAN’.

Rise and accept Christ as your Saviour.

If you do so Christ will surely strengthen you to do all that you want to do in the New Year in Jesus Name – Amen.

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