CONSPIRACY is a secret plan made by two or more persons to do something that is harmful or


CONSPIRACY constitutes a clog in the wheel of progress and a clog is that which blocks or slows

down motion, action or progress.

The intention of conspiracy is to:

  • wage war against progress
  • slow down or stop completely an existing or planned course of action embarked upon by another person or group.
  • destabilize the growth of a process or programme.

Conspiracy is carried out by people who form themselves into groups, by chance or by design. Such

groups are variously labelled by different people, in time and space.

They, covertly or overtly, bear the insignia of clique, gang, junta, cabal, etc. In other words, they

constitute themselves into pressure groups so as to foist their harmful plan or wrongful act with ease.

Conspirators employ diverse divisive tendencies, connivance, scheming, plot, sophistry, pretense,

deceit etc to carry out their plan. In doing so, they arouse tension, stir commotion and agitate mob

action against another person, group or institution.

It was CONSPIRACY that stirred up persecution against the church at its early stage.

  • In Acts 6: 7 – 13, the Jews conspired to falsely accuse Stephen and stir up mob action against him.
  • Stephen was attacked and stoned to death.
  • Consequently, the disciples of Jesus Christ scattered and were constrained to worship and preach in secret places, from house to house and in caves.
  • This development slowed down the spread of Christianity and the progress of the Church.

It may be of interest to know what triggered conspiracy against Stephen and how the Jews actually

foisted the conspiracy.

  • The Jews were aggrieved to see the word of God increasing and the number of disciples multiplying
  • They were unable to withstand the great wonders, signs and miracles done by Stephen.
  • They could not resist the wisdom and spirit by which Stephen spoke (Acts 6: 7 – 10)


In anger:

  • the Jews suborned (induced) base fellows to tell lies against Stephen (Acts 6: 11)
  • they stirred up the people to arrest and drag Stephen to the Council (v. 12)
  • they set up false witness to testify before the Council against Stephen on issues other than the case at hand. (v. 13 – 14)

The scripture is replete with cases of conspiracy against innocent persons which include:

  • conspiracy by Jacob’s children against Joseph on account of his dreams (Gen. 37: 6 – 8, 18- 20)
  • conspiracy by Jezebel and the men of Belial against Nabot (1 Kings 21: 8, 9, 12 – 13)
  • conspiracy by Demetrius and his fellow Silversmith against Paul at Ephesus(Acts 19: 23 – 32)

Do we have Conspirators of the likes of Jacob’s children in our midst today? What of the likes of

Jezebel, Demetrius and the Jewish persecutors?

Are we acting the way the Jews acted to conspire against the spread of Christianity and the growth of

the Church?

Know that conspiracy has the force to:

  • put a stumbling block on the path of progress
  • separate families; husband from wife, children from parents
  • bring to ruins a hitherto flourishing business
  • destabilize the government of a people
  • tear apart the corporate existence of the Church and thwart the growth of Christianity.

The way of conspiracy is the way of evil, the way of the Belial and the way to destruction. John 14: 6

says that Jesus Christ is the way, the true way and the righteous way.

Therefore, as Christians, let us shun the way of conspiracy; let us preserve the sanctity of the Church

and let us follow the righteous way which is the only way that leads to salvation.

May God help us as we do this in Jesus Name – Amen.

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