TEXT: 2 Cor. 2: 11

All Christians should know that we are at war with the devil every day of our lives – James 4: 7

Satan uses any of our weaknesses to draw us away from Christ Jesus, don’t be ignorant of this.

Let me point out some of the weaknesses the devil may use against us:

  • Anger – which can lead to killing
  • Lying and deceitful life – can lead to stealing
  • Drinking little – can lead to drinking much, drinking much can lead to so many sinful lifestyles.

We should not be ignorant in knowing that Satan is a liar and murderer

John 8: 44 – Remember Jesus Matt. 4: 8 – 9 Remember Adam and Eve Gen. 3: 1 – 5

We should not be ignorant of the fact that he is a law breaker 2 Thess. 2: 9 – 10

We should not be ignorant that he is our great enemy – 1 Pet. 5: 8

He snatches the word of God from our heart – Matt. 13: 19

Let me share with you the story I read from a book.

The title is “the devil’s master plan”.

Satan called a worldwide Convention. In his opening address to his evil angels, he said:

  1. We can’t stop the Christian from going to Churches
  2. We can’t stop them from knowing the truth
  3. We can’t even separate them from the relationship with Christ. But once they gain that connection with Jesus, our power over them is broken. So let them go to their churches, let them read their bibles, but steal their time and their minds, so that they can’t gain their relationship with Jesus. This is what I want you to do.

How shall we do this? shouted his evil angels


  • Distract their attention from listening to God’s word
  • Bring all worries of this life upon them, this will make them forget the word.
  • Keep them busy to what is not spiritual matters
  • Tempt them to spend always….and borrow always.
  • Persuade husbands and wives to live a troubling lifestyle in their homes, let them have empty lifestyles
  • Keep them from spending time with their children
  • Entice their women to believe that external beauty is very important. Cause them to be fixing eye lashes, hairdo, painting their body so that they forget the fear of God
  • Cause wives to be dissatisfied with their husbands likewise the husbands
  • Occupy their lives with so many good reasons that they have no time to seek power from Jesus.
  • In their great commission, get them busy with worldly things, send them to amusement parks, sporting event centres and cinema centres
  • Then when they meet for worship, involve them in gossip, so that they can be distracted going back empty.

It was indeed a convention. The evil angels went back eagerly to carry out their assignment. Causing Christian everywhere to get more busy.

Having Heard this, what should we do?

  • Let us all put on the whole armour of God – Eph. 6: 11
  • Resist the devil – James 4: 7
  • Be vigilant 1 Pet. 5: 8
  • Don’t give place to the devil – Eph. 4: 27
  • Be prayerful 1 Thess. 5: 39
  • Read your bible daily – John 5: 39

May God bless us in Jesus name – Amen

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