What is patience? Patience means endurance; long suffering. Patience is a very important need in human life. It is a fruit of God’s spirit and an essential key to better relationship with God and a fellow man.

Have you ever heard an impatient man’s prayer? It goes something like this, “Lord I need patience and I need it RIGHT NOW”

In a society such as ours, filled with discourteous drivers’ beating traffic lights, selfish or thoughtless customers, personality conflicts with co-workers, constant demands from children and family, we often need patience first to keep us together.

We lose patience at the slightest provocation that could lead to disastrous consequences. Most criminal sins that lead to the prisons are because of lack of patience.

Men of Patience in the Bible

  1. 21 – The case of Abraham who was 75 years before God promised him a son, and the son came when he was up to 100 years. How many years did he wait? He waited for twenty-five years.
  2. Jacob – a man who labored for 14years before he could marry two sisters, Leah and Rachel. Gen. 29: 15 – 28 – and six years for wealth. Jacob was there for 20 years, there were years of hardship and suffering. Wife whom he did not want was forced on him by deceit first, just as he got his father’s blessing by deceit. He had begun to reap what he had sown

Vs 30 Rachel was jealous of Leah because she had no children, so she dragged Jacob to give her a child – Gen. 30: 1 – 2

What are the benefits of Patience?

Patience brings:

  1. Peace
  2. Joy\happiness – James 1: 2 – 3
  3. Success
  4. Glory
  5. A mature person
  6. A fruit of the spirit – Gal. 5: 22
  7. Patience gives the Church strength – Col. 1: 11

Losing Patience with God – this is very common to humanity, Christians and non-Christians. How often do you say or hear, I have prayed for so long and my prayers are not answered.

Think of Abraham losing patience with God and deciding to have a child by Sarah’s maid.

Gen. 16, rather than waiting on God to provide a son as he promised (Gen. 15: 4)

The keyword is WAIT – Psalm 37: 7, Lam. 3: 25 – 26


Don’t quit, don’t be defeated, be persistent in prayer. Above all, wait, endure,  long suffering to the end.

Experience often shows that a patient person will make better decisions and see more favorable outcome in life than a very intelligent person who doesn’t have the patience to wait for the right time and opportunity.

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