Human beings are faced with so many challenges. Be it physical or spiritual. How do you see the life of a lame, deaf, dumb persons. Life may be difficult to such people yet some still function happily. But to the blind person it is a world of darkness even when it is daytime. How many of us would want to lose our sight? None! But the fact still remains, many of us are blind because of hatred.

Jesus described our eyes as the light of  our body – Matt. 6: 22 – 23 – How then would someone become blind when the two eyes remained open. It is becouse of  hatred.

In Mark 8: 18, Jesus said, many have eyes but cannot see.

Those Blinded by Hatred

  • In the book of Esther, is the story of Haman and Mordecai, and in between the two of them is a big HATRED. The life of Haman and his eyes were completely blinded to see God’s goodness on him. See chapter 5: 9 – 14
  • When you hate somebody, you will not see any good things in that person.
  • You will always frame the person up
  • You will extend the hatred to everybody around the person, even the properties owned by that person.
  • Hatred is a bullet that kills. “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him” 1 John 3: 15.
  • Hatred prevents us from doing good to people – 1 John 3: 17.

The Chief Priest and the Elders Against Jesus

  • All the good things Jesus did on earth were on the opposite to them
  • Joseph and his Brethren: Result of Hatred

Result of Hatred

  • It makes us overlook our weaknesses. It places us at perfection levels.
  • It makes us take actions that afton backfires. Haman made a gallows for Mordecai only to see himself hung there.
  • It makes us not to see the good in others.
  • Hatred creates no room in our hearts for forgiveness. Jesus said “if you forgive not one that offends you, God will not forgive you” 6: 15; 18: 35
  • Hatred can shut doors against us, our spouses even our children.

What The Bible Says About Hatred

  • It is the work of the devil – Gal. 5: 20
  • It stirs up strife – Prov. 10: 12
  • He who hates is a fool – Prov. 10: 18
  • We must repent – Acts 2: 38, 17: 30


Our life on earth is too short to be wasted on things that are not good. One day we shall die and face judgment. What will be our gains if we spent the little time we have to hate one another created in the image of God. Let us always create room large enough in our heart to forgive those who wrong us. The burden in the heart of  those who hate one another is too heavy to bear.

May God give us the strength and courage to do what is right in His sight in Jesus name …. Amen


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ON 13TH AUGUST, 2017

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