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The Indoor Lectures of this Church like any other Church programmes are meant for physical, spiritual and mental development of the entire person. Welcome to the month of October, 2017 which starts today with the Indoor Lecture topic which is REST AND ITS BENEFITS.

In God’s creation, rest is very important and necessary. Both plants and animals need rest – creeping plants normally rest as they climb. One creeping plant called Mfefehe Udi, opens in the morning and closes once its peace is disturbed.


Rest is a period you obey your inner body’s voice which says, “I’m tired”, “You have overused me”, “I need refueling” etc. Rest is a period you have decided to relax and refuel your strength for greater productivity. Have you ever listened to your body’s voice speaking – what do you do?

However, some persons always ignore that voice – resulting in a health problem called High Blood Pressure or Hypertension, sleepless nights etc. Such persons are called Workaholics – a person who is addicted to work. They have no time for rest. They work 24/7 and get little pay.

  • Rest is the refreshing quiet or repose of sleep – a good night rest.
  • To cause someone or something to stop doing a particular activity.



  1. Physical/Emotional Rest
  2. Spiritual Rest
  3. Perpetual Rest

Other necessary Rests include

  • Annual leave for workers in Government.
  • Maternity leave for pregnant women
  • Sick leave
  • Retirement – Go and Rest, work less.


  1. 2:2-3 – God rested. This is known as Creative Rest. Rest is important to your spiritual work in the Lord and many Christians today don’t appreciate the value of Rest or keeping the Sabbath day Holy as God directed in the O.T.
  2. Mark 6:30-31 – Jesus was tired physically & needed rest. He saw too that the people were tired and needed food.
  3. Matthew 11:28-30 – Soul or Spiritual rest.
  4. Pleasant Sleep – Jeremiah 31:26
  5. Sweet Sleep – Prov. 3:24
  6. Repose of death – permanent rest – free from life labour – Rev. 14:13.


  1. Aids Recovery
  2. Keeps you healthy
  3. Helps you sleep.
  4. Lowers stress
  5. More energy throughout the day
  6. Boosts Brain function – improved memory. You won’t forget easily.


You were not created to be a workaholic. You were created to control your physical, emotional and metabolic activities.

  • Things not to do at Rest or before sleep:

Don’t watch the TV, don’t put on the light, don’t count money, don’t take sleeping tabs, and don’t be angry. You can listen to soft spiritual music and pray for God’s control. Don’t induce sleep (force your eyes to close). Don’t drink Alcohol. Sleep early to wake up early. Concentrate & focus yourself on sleeping. Walk & play with the children outdoors. God Bless.