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TEXT:2Cor. 8:12; 9:6,8; Matt. 6,19-20


Giving – it is having your possession delivered or transferred to someone else. To pay to someone in order to assist in using it for something.


Members of the Lord’s Church, called out from the world of darkness to light. The chosen people of God, the royal priesthood and a peculiar people.


Vow is a bond, may be a vowed statement.It is an earnest promise made. A vow is a promise, a serious promise or decision.


It is the result or reward of doing good.  It is the reward received from God based on our deeds.


  1. Christian’s motivation for giving.
  2. To let Christians know that giving is reciprocal.
  3. That we own nothing here on earth and we will die carrying nothing.
  4. That we are sowing and we shall reap according to the measure we sow.
  5. That giving is an investment in heaven Matt. 6:19-20.


God wants us to give. The Christians before us gave. God started Giving. He created us, gave us everything we are enjoying here on earth (Genesis 1:26-30).

God loves man more than everything He created.God has given to us gold and silver.Everything we have is from God (Hagi 2:8).

God has given to us the best gift to mankind (John 3:16). In the song we sing often before communion Jesus asked. If I have given to you my life what do you give to me? The song strikes my mind anytime it is sung.

In all ages God demands that we give Him something by serving Him with our heart, soul, strength, mind, and all we have (Pro. 3:9).

It is our duty to give because it is an item of worship. It is a sacrifice that we offer to God as priests. (1 Peter 2:5).

He wants us to be fruitful.To the Philippians (Philip. 4:7) Paul told them that God wants them to bear fruits when they give to him.


  1. PREPARATION: Before we do anything well, it needs preparation. Monthly preparation, weekly preparation which ever you desire. In 1Cor. 16:1&2, Paul told the people at Corinth, they should prepare and keep something aside if you must give as God prospers you, you must plan.


  1. SACRIFICIALLY:We should give as a sacrifice to God Luke. 21:4, Acts 4:34, 2 Cor. 8:3-4.


  1. GIVE FROM WHAT WE HAVE: God will not ask us for something we don’t have, but He will ask us for something we have –11 Cor. 8:12. This means that we give from what we have.


  1. A GOOD REMARK FROM PAUL: He told the Philippians that though he was in the form of God, he emptied himself (Philippi. 2:6-7) because of the love of Christ. Even in real life situation, when someone learns of whatever the other has done for him, he will strive to do all within him to reciprocate whatever kind gesture that was done,as refusal to do such would tantamount to ingratitude.


  1. WE SHOULD GIVE WILLINGLY: Considering the love of God the wonderful and great gift of Christ, we should not wait for much preaching on giving before we give. The willing mind will give reasonably to God. 2Cor. 8:11-12, 2Thess. 28:1. Good giving is based upon a willing mind, some one needs to personally develop the life of give before being able to give the best. 1 Cor. 29:9.


  1. GIVE CHEERFULLY:When we are happy, wear good countenance we will give to God cheerfully. God loves a cheerful giver. 2Cor. 9:7.


  1. GIVE ACCORDING TO YOUR ABILITY:Many of us are blessed materially but we fail to give according to the way we are prospered and our ability. Paul advised us to give as God hath prospered us. (1 Cor. 16:2).


  1. Give liberally; they gave liberally and out of honesty 2Cor. 8:1-3. Good giving begins with giving ourselves to the Lord (2Cor. 8:5) when we realized that God is above all and we belong to him, we will always commit ourselves to him before we prepare what to give to him.


  1. Christians also give to the less privilege – Acts 4: 34 – 35


  1. Christians also give in areas like cloths, shelter, etc – Matt. 25: 35 – 40


  1. Christians give to help the weak: as you have opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith. Gal. 9: 10


  1. Christians give to the widows – 1 Tim. 5: 3


  1. Christians give to the orphans – James 1: 27


  1. If you give a net to someone for fishing, you give it to God.


  1. Christians give to support God’s work, collectively and individually.


  1. Christians give to support Christian institutions as well as Radio and Television Programmes.


Another way of giving to God is by vowing. It is imperative that when someone vows, the vow must be redeemed. In

Eccl. 5: 4.We are instructed that, when we vow a vow to God,we must not fail to pay verse 5 makes us to know that it

is better we do not vow than vow but fail to pay.



      1. Vows always arose in times of distress – Psalm 66: 13 – 14, Gen. 28: 20 – 22
      2. It is made only to God – Lev. 27: 1 – 2
      3. It is completely voluntary – Deut. 23: 21 – 23
      4. Must not be made rashly – Prov. 20: 25



      1. 1: 11, 28 – Hannah wept bitterly and vowed to God. God blessed Hannah with a son, Samuel and she did according to her vow.
      2. In Judges 11: 30 – Jephthah vowed unto the Lord in Judges 11: 32 – 35, Jephthah won and did as he vowed.
      3. In Psalm 132: 1 – 5, David vowed to build a tabernacle to God.
      4. In 2Sam. 15: 6 – 9, Absalom vowed and redeemed his vow.


It is the reward, the positive result we receive from God based on our deeds. It comes in two ways, materials and spiritual. When you give bountifully, the reward is that you are blessed bountifully.

In the Old Testament era God requested the children of Israel to try him to see whether He will not open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings (Mal. 3:10).

Receiving from the Lord is based upon what we give 2 Cor. 9:6, Acts 20:15.

Physically here on earth you will not lack, those who give never lack. Spiritually,in heaven your store house is rich.



My beloved brethren, let us be sincere in our heart when giving to God. Let us go home remembering the question in

this song; I give my life for thee, my precious blood I shed, that thou mightiest ransomed be, and quickened from the

deed. I give; I gave my life for thee.What has thou given for me? If you answer that question correctly. Heaven is



Thank you and God bless you in Jesus name Amen.

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