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INTRODUCTION: After the creation of the earth and everything in the world, God in His wisdom

gave dominion to man and they equally instituted government so that there will be an administration

and policy making (I Timothy 2:1-2; Romans 13:1-7), that is why the book of Daniel 2:31 says God set

up government and also changes government. In the book of Deut 1:13, Moses said to the people of

Israel to nominate wise people that can handle the affairs of the nation, the administrators and

judges. This confirms the fact that God recognizes and institutes government. The process of having

a government is through politics.



  • This is to remind Christians on their roles when involving in politics.
  • To inform members about the tricks involving in politics whether micro or macro politics.
  • To educate members that Christians can contribute immensely towards the development of our society without involving in active politicking.
  • Christians should not allow political concept to overshadow their Christian lives, when they are within political environment.



So many people on the planet earth claimed to be Christians. It is important to understand that a

person is not necessarily a Christian because he or she was born into Christians home; nobody is

naturally or automatically born a Christian. Christians then are Christ-like, believers, saints, faithful,

elects, people who are like Christ in all their dealings. The people who preach the Gospel of Christ

and also observe what they are preaching. They are the light of the world and the salt of the nation

(Matt. 5:13-16).



Different people give different meaning to politics, but let us look at politics in this perspective,

politics is derived from Greek “POLITIKA” meaning, the affairs of the nation and city, this definition

beat all other definitions people give about politics.


Politics is the process of making decision that applies to members of the group and the position of

governance. In short politics is the activities associated with governance of a country, area,

organization, associations and even in the church. Politics is seen in two ways, (a) MICRO (b)



MICRO POLITICS: Revolves around small groups of people like our Homes, Organizations, Clubs

and Associations.


MACRO POLITICS: This is larger societies like Nations, States, Local and even our Communities.



In our society today, people believed that the shortest and the easiest way to become wealthy and

powerful is through politics, and because of this inordinate ambitions, people do everything humanly

possible to get one political positions or another, and to stay in politics forever. They maim, kill,

destroy, kidnap and sacrifice both human beings and animals; can we say that this is a Game? No, it

is not the politics itself that is dirty, but the players. Before now politicians were regarded as jobless

people, because nobody with good academic qualifications and profession will ever thought of having

anything to do with politics but it’s not so again.



  • Formation of Political Groups
  • Political Meetings
  • Aspiration
  • Campaigns
  • Elections (Voting)
  • Political Appointments.



We have seen and witnessed what is happening in political environments, we have heard of the bad

and the good side of politics. The big question now is should Christians involve in politics?



My answer to this question is “Yes and No”. Yes Christian can participate in politics

taking cognizance of the fact that God institutes every Government (I Timothy 2:1-2; Roman 13:1-7).

We are the followers of Christ, we have every right to participate actively and passively, (Daniel 2:21).

Christian should be there to give voice to the voiceless (Prov. 31:8).


And I say No to those Christians who wants to go into politics and make wealth, to be touts, to kill, to

cause problem, to joint cults, to blackmail, and to assassinate other people’s character (Deut.




In the book Matt. 5:13-16, Jesus said “we are the salt of the nation and the light of the world, if we

must go into politics either as a candidate, the electorates, supporters, or a political appointees, let

people see in us the light and taste that salt that Jesus said we are, let us maintain our honesty and

integrity as Christians. Christians should always pray for those in authority. A true Christian is led by

the Spirit of God and must always adhere to the doctrine of Christ. Christians who are into politics

must not allow political sentiment to becloud his Christian reasoning. If politics will cause us to sin

against God, let us stop involving ourselves (Matt. 5:29; Matt. 18:9).


Thank you


God bless us as we consider his will paramount in our lives.

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