1. General Survey of Health
  2. Aims of the Topic
  3. Cause of Diseases/Disorders
  4. Classification of Diseases/Disorders
  5. How to Handles Some Cases
  6. Factors promoting Good Health
  7. Management of Acute and Chronic Cases, (Curable and Incurable Cases)
  8. Conclusion




Biblical Instructions regarding health, maintenance and recovery from illness involve application of “cause and effect principles” – based on true science – that were given thousands of years before scientists developed germs, bacteria, viruses, genes and the like. Modern science has discovered many principle of good health.

The Bible says: “I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you even as your soul is getting along well (3rd John 1:27). Obviously, God is interested in our spiritual health than our physical well-being, but He does want us to be physically healthy as well.

It was not until the modern era that men obtained details of human physiology and medicine. Yet God, the creator, who is called the great Physician, knows everything about us, and He has provided the necessary keys to good health, the choice to obey the Lord and reap the resulting benefit is ours to make.



Health is the state of the well-being of a man, total absent of illness or diseases, he must be sound, physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. Maintaining good health is keeping and sustaining the tricycle of human being, the physical, emotional and mental spheres.

When one ample of the tricycle is affected, the whole body is in trouble.



  1. To encourage Christians to know how best to take care of themselves in health and sickness.
  2. To know when and where to go, in times of sickness.
  3. To advice our children on personal hygiene and sanitation to promote good living.
  4. To educate Christians on how to manage chronic diseases.
  5. This Lesson will help the aged Christians to know those food factors that they should reduce in their diet
  6. The lesson will also help Christians to reduce stress in their struggle for survival.



  1. ENVIRONMENTAL: Environmental Pollution such as gas pollution, filthy gutters, unclean home, can cause sickness like Malaria, Typhoid, Dysentery, Diarrhea, Suffocation and Respiratory problems, and noisy environment is harmful.
  2. EMOTIONAL DEPRESSION: Emotional breakdown as a result of business frustration, educational failure, love disappointment, matrimonial problems, lack of job, childlessness, hatred, jealousy, etc., can cause one or more medical disorders, like high blood pressure, heart attack, ulcer and mental debility.
  3. PERSONAL HYGIENE: This factor plays a vital role in maintaining the health of an individual. Unclean underwears, bushy hairs, unbrush teeth, unable to take good bath and general uncleanliness can cause pain, body odour, and other body skin infection.
  4. STRESS: Stress is a pressure or condition causing hardship, disquiet, trouble and danger which would cause breakdown of health, it is a normal physical and psychological response to events that make an individual feel threatened or upset you balance. It may result to high blood pressure, sleeplessness, heart problems and other psychological breakdown.
  5. DRUG ABUSE: This is the habit of taking drugs or medicine against medical advice, these includes self-medication which can lead to overdose or underdose, it could also be taking of substances believed to be stimulants. It causes an instant death or permanent disabilities, Tramadol, Indian Hemp, Canabis, Cocaine.
  6. DIETS: Foods plays an important role in our lives, therefore wrong dieting can cause serious damage in our body system. Some food item or drinks even meat may not go down well in our systems at a particular time in our lives. Salty food and sugary substances can cause high blood pressure and diabetes, which may lead to kidney failure or heart problems overindulgent in one food factor against other food factors is health problem. It can cause malabsorption, constipation, indigestion and sometime Gluton.
  7. ALCOHOL: Alcoholic addicts are susceptible to so many health hazards, the chemical contents in alcoholic drinks are poisonous to cells of the body and toxic to the blood system, it destroys the heart and the liver, impairs the function of the kidneys, its weakens the cells and the tissues thereby causing a severe brain damage.
  8. CULTURES/VALUES: Some cultures and values do have serious telling effect on the health of an individual, there are some cultures and believes that are very unhealthy. The belief that some sickness are from unseen forces and refuse medical attention, the refusal of blood transfusion by some religious organization can lead to the death of the patients or more complications. Female genital multilation/female circumcision in unhealthy.
  9. UNKNOWN CAUSES: There are some sicknesses that do not have any known medical causes. It’s always difficult to investigate such cases some of diseases are, some cases of tumors, some cases of cancers, some cases of fibroid and others, even with this condition, they can still be treated surgically.
  10. SOCIAL CAUSES: Social causes of illness could be seen in the area of dressing, painting, ear phone, eye lashes, even some cosmetics can cause serious problem to people who are addicted to it


For clarity and understanding, diseases and disorders are best considered in groups as follows:

  1. INFECTIOUS DISEASES: These are caused by pathogens, microorganism, bacteria, viruses fungi. They can cause diseases like small pox, chicken pox, measles, syphilis, TB, STD., HIV/AIDS, these are spread through air, water, direct contacts with patients.
  2. CONGENTAL DISORDERS: these are diseases or handicaps both physical and mental caused during birth, case like cerebra palsy, eye/ear deformities, dislocation of hips and others.
  3. ENDOCRINE DISORDERS: This is caused by the Hormonal dysfunctions, the inability of the ductless gland to secretes hormones and regulate same normally, this can affects reproductive system, the growth, development of the brain, it can also affect the functions of certain organs in the body, such as Pancreas, – Insulin production, the Renal System – Adrenaline.
  4. NEOPLASM: These are in form of growths and tumours, both benign and malignant. It result to uterine fibroid, ovarian cyst, cancerous tumour, most of the time it surgical intervention for treatment.
  5. BEHAVIOURAL DISORDERS: This is pathological variation of normal behavioural pattern. Under this group we have the following:
  6. Drug Addiction
  7. Alcoholism
  • Compulsive Eating
  1. Anxiety and Depression
  2. Obseessional Behaviour
  3. Hallucination

This group affects mostly the nervous system.

  1. TRUAMA: This group is cursed by physical, electrical and chemical accidents, sometimes road traffic accident, fighting, and sometimes domestic accidents and severe injury during child’s birth.
  2. DEGENERATIVE DISORDERS: This group is associated with wearing out of the cells and loss of tissues as a result of advancement in age, these could lead to Arthritis, kidney problem/renal dysfunction, diabetes, high blood pressure, nervousness, stroke metabolic defect and memory loss, prostate problem, blunt vision.



We are God’s masterpiece, created to do the good things that He had planned a long time ago for us to do, (Ephesians 2:10). We all know that the more fit and healthy we are, the more energy we will have. The more energy that we have, the more we can put into whatever task we are doing, and for us to sustain and maintain good health, we have to adhere to the following point.

  1. Personal Hygiene: Regular taking of good bath at least two times a day, fine shaving of hairs, wearing clean and neat dresses, avoiding unnecessary painting, wash of hands always.
  2. Environmental Sanitation: Always keep your environment clean, do away with empty cans that harbour mosquitoes, flies and harmful animals, keep your kitchen clean, wash dishes as they are used. Cover your food and food items very well, give enough ventilation in your house, avoid overcrowding environments.
  3. Stress: Plan your life very well, arrange your programs such that it will not cause you any stress, when stress is inevitable, hand it over to God, with God everything is possible. Relax your mind, be happy always, don’t be envious, appreciate others and their achievements.
  4. Try as much as possible to do away with unhealthy culture and traditions that are against Medical Norms.
  5. Diets: We should be very careful of what we take into our body, because we are what we eat, we must try as much as practically possible to avoid food that are harmful to our bodies, these includes drinks, smokings, meats, sugary item and salty food, application of limestone in our food for whatever reason, is not advisable, aged people should avoid too much red-meat, but should take enough vegetables which contain more vitamins, reduce intake of ice-water daily. Balance diet must contain five food factors, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, fat and oil and minerals.
  6. We should try as much as possible to avoid contacting infections either through air, water or direct contact with the infected person’s blood.
  7. It is good to fast, for spiritual reawakening, but fasting with bad health is not medically advised, so that the patients may have time to eat and take the prescribed medicine, and even if it has to be done, what is called “dry fasting” is not advisable.
  8. Stop moving from one medicine store to another, get to the right place for proper investigation and correct prescription, the General Practitioner should be able to diagnose your case and refer to specialist if necessary; do not procrastinate treatment and don’t patronize unqualified practitioners.


In medicine, describing diseases as acute denote that it is of short duration and as a corollary of that of recent onset; but how much time constitutes “short and recent” varies by disease and by context, acute case may be sudden onset and it can be referred to the severity of the case.

Acute-Case is the early and specialist management of the adult patients suffering from wide range of medical condition requiring urgent or emergency care. Usually within 48 hours of admission.

Acute cases should be managed well in the hospital, there shouldn’t be any waste of time, its required medical investigation for proper diagnosis.


Chronic Case Management encompasses the oversight and education activities. The term is equivalent to disease management for chronic conditions, this is done by health care providers to help patients with chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, epilepsy, etc to understand their condition and live successfully with it.

The work involves motivating patients to persist in necessary therapies and intervention and helping them to achieve an ongoing, reasonable of life.


Our health is so important to us, we can not afford to gamble with it, we must not take our health for granted, God really want us to be healthy, so that we can glorifies His Name always; the scripture reminds us that our body is the temple of God (1st Corth. 19:30), and in 1st Corth. 10:31, the Bible says that whatever we are to do, we should do it to the glory of God. When sick Christian should pray to God and also take prescribed medicine; Doctors take care, but healing comes from God.

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