DEUT. 8:11-20


The theme for July is quite attractive for all classes of newless of this congregation.  The General aim is to look at the Growth of the Church the, horizontal or vertical growth, physical and spiritual.


  • To reflect God’s love and encouragement.
  • To inspire us to be faithful to the end.
  • To shun backsliding or drifting apart of pride.
  • To express humility and ignore any form of pride.
  • To learn to trust God and live by His word.

We cannot truly know the contents of Deuteronomy 8:11-20 without starting from the top.

God had chosen Israel as His beloved people.  He called them from bondage to freedom. He demanded only TOTAL OBEDIENCE to His Commandment –

Exo. 20.

Forty years in the wilderness – verses 1 – 2

God led them to humble and test them to know what was in their hearts whether they would keep His commandments or not.

Vs. 3 –  Fed you with manner – miraculous food from Heaven.

Heaven – which they or their father

This was to make them know that men shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord.

Vs. 4 – Your governments did not wear out on you nor did your fort swell these forty years – (what a great God) – omnipotent God.

Vs. 6 – Emphasis on keeping the Lord’s commandment.

Vs. 7 – Expected good land of milk, honey, with natural water. A land of wheat and barley of vines, fig trees pomegranate, a land of olive and honey.

Vs. 9 – A land you will eat bread without scarcity – a land you will lack nothing, a land where stones are iron and copper.

Vs. 10 – When you have eaten and are full, then you shall bless the Lord your God for the good which He has given you.

Vs. 11 – Beware that you do not forget the Lord your God (by simply not keeping His commandments, His judgments and His statutes).

Vs. 12 –  Have eaten full, built beautiful houses, your sheep are many.

Vs. 13-14 – Your heart will be lifted up and you forget the Lord your God.

Vs. 17 –  Then you say in your heart My Power and might of my hand have

gained me this wealth.

Vs. 18 – Lesson of the Topic Not your power that gives you wealth, but

from your God.

Vs. 19 – Then it shall be, if you by any means forget the Lord your God

and follow other gods and serve them, I testify this day that you shall surely perish for Israel (for us we have to repent).



  • We all need occasional reminders (how) that it is God who gives His people any power and position they may come to enjoy.
  • God commands this people to remember His blessings in both hard times Deut 8:1-10) and good times, Deut. 8:11-20.  We have     to return      same to God, these beautiful going beautiful, obedience and regular         worship.
    • Humble leaders alone receive God’s Grace.
    • The privilege of being a chosen people – God will lead and provide for us.
    • The price of being a chosen people, we must rely on His provision – not our own – we must not be proud – James 4:6
    • Backsliding or drifting apart for whatever reasons do not help in physical and spiritual growth.


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