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    1.Objectives: This lecture comes this timely to

  • Alert every christian of the nature of the world he has been born into
  • Comfort him with the tool already prepared for him to use in gaining victory over ungodliness and worldliness.
  1. Word Study:
  • Abide: obey or accept a rule or decision for a long time.
  • Truth: the state of being true. Requiring no coloration or embellishment or decoration.
  • Attitude: a way of thinking or feeling about something or somebody.
  • Overcome: succeed in dealing with something (a problem), defeat.
  • Ungodly: disrespectful to God, wicked.


  1. The Discourse: Immediately one becomes a true worshipper of God – a christian – he is brought in direct confrontation with ungodliness. He, as well, will be promptly alerted of the great need for him to put on the full armourof God to enable him assail over and completely defeat the aggressor of the godliness. John 4: 23; Eph. 6: 10 – 18.

The tool to use, for a christian, is not far-fetched. It is for him to be ready, at all times, to abide in the truth.

This truth is found in the Way, and the Way leads to eternal life. All the three – The Way, the Truth and the Life – are emptied into one personality, Jesus Christ, the Great mediator and Saviour of the world.

He is the way, the Truth and the Life, no one goeth to the Father, but by Him. The way is the Church of Christ, the truth is the word of Christ, New Testament and the Life is eternal life in Heaven.

To get to heaven one must walk in the way, abide in the Truth as well outlined in the New Testament.

Worldliness or ungodliness expresses itself in these three vices – The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyeand the pride of life. Gen. 5: 6

These three show themselves in many ways to attract man to themselves and distract his attention and determination from doing the will of God.

The dispenser of these great detractors is Satan the Devil, the Deceiver and the Destroyer, the Chief Liar and father of all lies.

One that abides in the Truth will be able to derive the strength, the courage and the wisdom that will enable him decode the tricks and rout the forces of Satan at any point  and time the tempter charms.

Examples are many both in the Old and New Testaments:

  1. The youth Joseph used the Truth to overcome the lure of Portipher’s wife. Gen. 39: 7 – 9
  2. In all his dealings with King Ahab and Jezebel, Prophet Elijah used the sword of the Spirit to defeat them. All the Prophets of God used the word to bring down the strongholds of Satan and his Angels.
  3. The Apostles of Christ used the truth to promote the cause of Christ.
  4. Even Jesus Christ Himself used the truth to defeat Satan – Matt. 4: 1 – 11
  5. Adam and Eve disobeyed the Truth to their perils – Gen. 3: 1 – 19

In the whole discourse, it has been clearly shown that only the Truth remains the solid weapon available to every avowed christian for overcoming the ungodly world. Those who refuse to use it do so at their eternal peril.

May we know the Truth, obey the Truth and use the Truth to overcome all the lures and entanglements of Satan. May the good Lord give us the grace to achieve this in Jesus Name – Amen.

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